1001 celestial wonders as observed with home-built by Charles Edward Barns

By Charles Edward Barns

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Pe-especially the product of one's own handicraft-these triumphs of celestial photography are not only beautiful as ~ks. of art but are constant helps in observational work. at IS known as "the kno',vledge after the fact" is very valuab]~h for a fine photograph will point out obscure feature~ whle. may be looked for visually. and perhaps c1iscovered, since 18 coached as to the exact location and general aspect. lOns. ral displays and cometary visitants. and in ;] bror time he will have gathered together a very valuable Ii .

2. 13. 25Iy. Spc. A2. 66-67 and HI 29 Circa 111413 Sp. neb. 91- 15 1* De elxla [~I\I 66 - and mystifying. Worth diligent study. 4. Amber-turquoise. 112010 0: 4-7. Sep. 2. TII'S ISOLATION VISUALIZED. Berschel's illustration of planetary dimensions: "On a wide, el field Jllace a globe two feet in diameter. This will rep· nt the Sun. Draw around it a circle 164 feet in diameter place upon it a mustard-seed-which represents Mercury. d this circle another, diameter 284 feet, and place upon it pea to represent Venus.

OBSERVATIONAL HANDICAPS. We live at the bottom of an air-ocean 200 miles in de[Jthbut only as deep. lfball. ll1g lsother~nal reg 1011 15 reached--60 degrees below zero, varyIng only slightly S"Jmmer and winter. At ten miles, total darkness ~t noonday. At thirty miles is encountered the zone of eternal sIlence. Oxygen ceases to exist. At fifty miles, nitrogen; at two hundred, hydrogell and helium. Etheric vIbrations transform into heat, light and electrical energy only when they encounter air) dust-motes and vapor in suspension.

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