26 Secrets of Feng Shui by Eloise Helm

By Eloise Helm

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If you are a water person, place a container with water in this section. If you are a fire person, place something with a little red (not too much) in this section to improve your health. I once did a consultation for a lady who was going through a divorce. She had recently moved from her home where the feng shui was bad, into a new home with good feng shui. She had three children,and each time the children went to visit their father, they all came back to the new home ill. Remodeling and building a second story onto the first house caused the divorce.

The magic square is a grid consisting of nine numbers arranged so that each side adds up to fifteen regardless of whether horizontal, vertical or diagonal rows are used. The way the numbers are arranged in this square holds the key to your best environments. Locations are lucky or unlucky according to your special Kua number. There are actually nine numbers in the eight-sided octagon, but since number five is the center, men and women with that number are assigned a different number because of five does not have a direction.

Crystals are unlucky in the Southeast except for citrine. Citrine will enhance your money energy. As this section represents the wood element, thriving green plants placed here will also increase your opportunities for increasing your income. Using the North element of water in your Southeast section in the form of goldfish tanks, or small water fountains will also bring luck with finances. There are different formulas and methods for better living and working conditions. Irrespective of the methods used, all symbols bring the same results.

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