50 Ways to Read Your Lover. Secret Strategies That Reveal by Todd Lyon

By Todd Lyon

Who Is the guy You Love?

Well, that relies. Does he rescue stray cats? Do his scholars widen whilst he seems to be at you? Are his thumbs specially lengthy? Is he an simply child?

Questions akin to those are whatever yet random; the solutions may also help ascertain the real nature of the fellow you want. during this provocative but playful number of quizzes, Todd Lyon attracts upon historic mysticism, smooth psychology, logic, and unusual feel -- all with the target of uncovering the secrets and techniques of your lover's soul.

Some love-divining strategies you realize approximately (astrology, palmistry, the Tarot); a few you do not (what the contents of his fridge says approximately him). it truly is like having an entire library of romantic reference books magically condensed to slot in your handbag. no matter if the guy in your brain is a far off weigh down or a long term associate, you should use this e-book to:

  • Test his emotional availability

  • Predict his bed room behavior


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Ignore summer rentals, dorm rooms, sublets, etc. If he lives with a roommate or two or three, focus your study on a private space, such as his bedroom. )- Very little clutter- A lack of color- CDs arranged in alphabetical order- Blinds rather than curtains on the windows- Wall-to-wall carpeting or industrial flooring (no scatter rugs)- Furniture made of glass, metal, or leather- General cleanliness and organization- Black-and-white photos as art- Few or no personal mementos in sightAnalysis The true Modern Male isn’t known for being warm and fuzzy—but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a good catch.

On the downside, he may be hot-tempered or emotionally unpredictable. The astrological signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are related to the Fire Hand. The Air Hand Look for a strongly structured hand with a wide palm, long fingers, and prominent lines. The Air Hand belongs to a powerful communicator who is intellectual and nonemotional, and given to reason and logic, but who is also confident and full of hope. Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are the astrological air signs associated with this type of hand.

If he’s tapping his fingers on a table or other surface…he’s bored or distracted. If he’s touching his face…he feels self-conscious or not in control of the situation. If he’s partially or fully covering his eyes…he’s impatient and wants to move on to the next subject or circumstance. Sex Forecasting We try to be ladylike, but in the throes of a major crush, even uptight schoolmarms can’t help but wonder: Is he any good in bed? There are ways to find out besides calling up his ex-girlfriends and pumping them for details.

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