9/11 and American Empire: Intellectuals Speak Out, Vol. 1 by David Ray Griffin

By David Ray Griffin

I believe it is extremely ridiculous to imagine our govt might wipe out over
3000 TAXPAYERS and TAXPAYING businesses, or provide huge tax writeoffs to the
damaged companies.
Now, if it were homeless shelters or govt housing projects--that I
may think. Our executive cannot squeeze a lot funds out of the terrible and would
be keen to sacrafice them. the folks within the Towers, the planes and the
Pentagon have been in most cases the kind of wallets the govenment values.
Our executive values not anything over our cash.

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In the depth of the middle ages a few distinguished men gave utterance to ideas which have not been understood until the present century, and even to-day we still find many survivals of medieval institutions carefully preserved, and that not merely in monasteries or the castles of the nobility. fee old and the new are linked together by the very unity of human life, and it shows a want of sense to sever them sharply from one another. It is the same with the different ages in the life of the individual.

The new idea prevailed that the whole religious life of the community, although not altogether withdrawn from the care and influence of the State, was yet essentially independent. The prominently marked dualism of Church and State became an essential limitation of the State, which was now only a community of law and politics, no longer also of religion and worship. When the Church had received in the Pope a visible head independent of the Emperor, and Rome for her capital, the old Roman idea of universal dominion re-appeared in a spiritual form.

If the modern era has on the whole the character of self-conscious manhood, in a higher degree than any previous period of history, these traits, which we have 54/Johan Kaspar Bluntschli noticed, show that we have only experienced the first stage of this manhood, and that it has still an immature and youthful, sometimes even childish appearance, just as the last centuries of the middle ages have a senile aspect. The organic and psychological law of growth does not only govern the entire life of humanity: it repeats itself in recurring circles in particular periods within the various ages of the world.

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