A Comparative Study of Metaphor in Arabic and English: by Fahad H. Al Jumah

By Fahad H. Al Jumah

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Ricoeur defined the former as focusing on the “production of metaphor within the sentence taken as a whole…,” while the latter is geared towards the “meaning effect at the level of the isolated word” (p. 4). ’ In this sentence, time is considered a precious tangible resource that can be wasted, such as money. The metaphor was present in the sentence taken as a whole, since we cannot argue that the words ‘wasting’ and ‘time’ alone taken separately in the passage can stand as metaphors. ’ In this example, notice that the word ‘dies’ takes the role of a metaphor.

Whether we may realize it or not, they exert a strong force which impact almost all aspects of human communication and comprehension (Lakoff, 1995; Lakoff, 1991; Lakoff & Johnson, 1980; Lakoff & Turner, 1989). Different disciplines have already begun to recognize the crucial role that metaphors play in their discourse. This has led to many inquiries, as scholars from as diverse fields as the military, economics, politics, sociology and pure and applied sciences have begun to analyze the conceptual foundations of terminology which had become accepted as integral in their respective academic lexicons.

The succeeding section on the cognitive view addresses this. 23 The Cognitive View: An Inquiry to the Dominant Thinking Among the prominent personalities behind the cognitive viewpoint are George Lakoff, Mark Turner and Mark Johnson. In a series of collaborative works, these noted academics (Lakoff & Johnson, 1980; Lakoff & Turner, 1989; Turner, 1987), argued that metaphors are omnipresent in human cognitive processes. They noted the service of metaphors in the field of economics, politics, mass communications (popular media) and even in our everyday reasoning and interactions with one another.

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