A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby

By Nick Hornby

Narrated in turns via a dowdy, middle-aged lady, a half-crazed adolescent, a disgraced breakfast television presenter and an American rock megastar cum pizza supply boy, a ways Down is the tale of the Toppers condo 4, aka Maureen, Jess, Martin and JJ. A low-rent crowd with completely not anything in universal - shop the place they turn out that New Year's Eve evening. And what they do subsequent, of course.

Funny, unhappy, and beautifully humane, Nick Hornby's new novel asks a number of the tremendous questions: approximately existence and demise, strangers and friendship, love and ache, and no matter if a slice of pizza can relatively see you thru an extended, darkish evening of the soul.

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Gasps from a porno flick were laid over the top. Someone groaned in the dark. I looked over to see a woman rubbing her boyfriend’s lap with a lizard-paw glove. “This isn’t fair,” I hissed, hating the world for insisting on always fucking doing this to me. The guy next to me turned around. Sweat glittered on his forehead. ” I wasn’t going to admit I didn’t know what bukkake was, since it was so obviously a badge of the cool. He smiled in the dark, showing me teeth that would’ve made Shane MacGowan puke.

More tapping brought up the document, and she started paging through it using the Up and Down buttons on the little keyboard in the lower half of the thing. “This is the coolest thing,” she murmured. “The client gave it to me. It hooks into the net so he can email me updates. Not that I expect any. The trail’s all cold. All I can do is pick a point and start following it. ” “And now I know. ” “Hey, I’m from Chicago. ” She gave me a look. ” I laughed and polished off my vodka. ” Trix looked at me deadpan.

There are eight bars around this block. I naturally find the one where the barman accessorizes with human headskin. ” I told her the ostrich story, which had her rolled up with laughter. “This is just lousy luck, though. ” “That’s the thing. It does. Every case I’ve had since I opened up business on my own. Never happened when I worked a desk. It’s something to do with my direct interaction with the world. I’m a shit magnet. I’m everything that never happened to anyone else. “Here’s one. I was hired on a missing-persons gig.

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