A Smile in the Mind's Eye: An Adventure into Zen Philosophy by Lawrence Durrell

By Lawrence Durrell

Durrell’s notable memoir of his non secular trip with famed Taoist thinker JolanChang

Beginning with their first assembly over lunch at Lawrence Durrell’s Provencal domestic, Durrell and Jolan Chang—renowned Taoist thinker and professional on japanese sexuality—developed an everlasting dating in accordance with mutual non secular exploration. Durrell’s autobiographical rumination on their friendship and on Taoism recounts the author’s existential ponderings, beginning together with his creation to the magical and enigmatic “smile within the mind’s eye.” From parsimony, cooking, and yoga to poetry, Petrarch, and Nietzche, a grin within the Mind’s Eye is an enthralling story of a writer’s religious and philosophical awakening.

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