A Year with Thomas Merton: Daily Meditations from His by Thomas Merton

By Thomas Merton

A 365 day-by-day with inspirational and provocative choices from the journals of Thomas Merton mixed with drawings and images by way of Merton.

This quantity of day-by-day proposal from Thomas Merton attracts from Merton's journals and papers to offer, on a daily basis, a seasonally acceptable and thought-provoking perception or observation.
Each month will start with one among Merton's pleasant pen-and-ink drawings or one in all his based black-and-white photographs.

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Then he was orphaned and on his own after the death of his beloved artist father, Owen, when he was only sixteen, an event that might have xxxiii commenced his writing journals. Where was the silver lining in the cloud for him as he fled England for America and Columbia University in New York City? Who and what experiences guided his conversion to Roman Catholicism and then moved him to want to become a priest, even as he continued to nurse literary ambitions of having his novels published by the best New York houses?

My contradiction and my conflict are my part in the whole. ” It is in my insight and acceptance of contradiction that the world creates itself anew in and through my liberty—I permit God to act in and through me, making His world (in which all are judged and redeemed). I am thrown into contradiction: to realize it is mercy, to accept it is love, and to help others do the same is compassion. All this seems like nothing, but it is creation. The contradiction is precisely that we cannot “be creative” in some other way we would prefer (in which there is no contradiction).

Later we separated to pray apart in the thinned pine grove on the southeastern hillside. There is no one else, nothing else. He is all there is to find there. Everything is in Him. And what could be more pleasing to Him than that we should leave all things and all company to be with Him and think only of Him and know Him alone, in order to give Him our love? To be alone by being part of the universe—fitting in completely to an environment of woods and silence and peace. Everything you do becomes a unity and a prayer.

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