Advances in Comparative and Environmental Physiology: by F. Lang, M. Ritter, H. Völkl, D. Häussinger (auth.), Prof.

By F. Lang, M. Ritter, H. Völkl, D. Häussinger (auth.), Prof. Dr. Florian Lang, Prof. Dr. Dieter Häussinger (eds.)

One of the necessities for survival is the power of cells to take care of their quantity. therefore, throughout the process evolution cells have "learned" various suggestions to accomplish quantity homeostasis. This quantity regulatory equipment includes rules of either, mobile metabolism and mobile delivery and is exploited via hormones and transmitters to manage cellularfunction. This ebook to illustrates the advanced interaction of mobilephone quantity regulatory mechanisms and mobile functionality in various tissues. even though, our wisdom remains to be faraway from being conclusive, and the current selection of studies is assumed to foster additional experimental efforts to resolve the position of cellphone quantity within the built-in functionality of cells.

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It should be emphasized that cell volume changes markedly under the influence of hormones. For example, insulin plus phenylephrine induces a 20% cell swelling, whereas vasopressin plus glucagon leads to about 20% cell shrinkage. In order to achieve comparable changes in cell volume by anisoosmotic exposure extracellular osmolarity changes of about 100mOsmolll are required (vom Dahl et al. 1991c). Hormone-induced cell volume changes were recently recognized to play a crucial role in mediating some metabolic responses to the hormones (Hiiussinger et al.

J Gen Physiol 86: 31-58 Guharay F, Sachs F (1984) Stretch-activated single ion channel currents in tissue-cultured embryonic chick skeletal muscle. J Physiol 352: 685-701 Haberich FJ (1968) Osmoreception in the portal circulation. Fed Proc 27: 1137-1141 Haussinger D, Lang F (1990) Exposure of perfused liver to hypotonic conditions modifies cellular nitrogen metabolism. J Cell Biochem 43: 355-361 Haussinger D, Lang F (1991a) The mutual interaction between cell volume and cell function: a new principle of metabolic regulation.

The hormone-induced cell volume alterations act like another signal which participates in mediating the hormone effects on hepatic metabolism: cell swelling triggers an anabolic, cell shrinkage a catabolic pattern of cellular function (see also Fig. 5) 40 D. Haussinger et al. (Hiiussinger et al. 1991; Hallbrucker et al. 1991b,c; vom Dahl et al. 1991a,c): insulin activates both loop diuretic-sensitive Na-K-2CI cotransport and amiloride-sensitive Na+/H+ exchange, whereas glucagon stimulates cellular potassium release through barium- and quinidine-sensitive K+ channels (Fig.

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