Africa and the War on Terrorism by John Davis

By John Davis

Abject poverty and legit corruption make components of Africa a really appealing vacation spot for terrorist organisations. possibilities have constructed through the pre-9/11 and submit 11th of September classes in Africa for the recruitment of terrorists, attainment of bases of operations and resources of investment for Al Qaeda or its affiliated terror teams. This complete quantity presents an in depth exam of significant terrorist occasions in Africa and highlights inner and exterior indices to demonstrate why Africa is so ripe for terrorism.

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It is astonishing how quickly and with how comparatively little fanfare African states have embraced multiparty democracy as the only acceptable form of government over the last decade. More than 40 African countries regularly hold multiparty elections, although less than half this number has passed the ultimate test of democracy: a peaceful change in government through the polls. Indeed, Africa needs further democratization, a goal fully endorsed by the African polity but one that will meet with greater resistance from those elites who are either not elected or elected in contests that are obviously not fully free and fair.

This project started in October 2002, with the expectation that this facility would serve primarily as a staging area for conducting raids on al Qaeda targets in the region, particularly Somalia. 20 Finally, the American military presence in Djibouti offers the US the capability for rapid deployment against terrorist targets in Somalia and Yemen. Following the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, in September of 2001 the US sought friends in the Horn of Africa. Upon receiving wind of news that US Special Operations Forces (SOFs) had been sighted in Djibouti, the media pressed for information.

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