African American religious life and the story of Nimrod by Anthony B. Pinn, Allen Dwight Callahan

By Anthony B. Pinn, Allen Dwight Callahan

From aid for racial discrimination to justification for fight opposed to the established order, the biblical textual content and its key figures have performed a famous function within the improvement of non secular discourse on urgent socio-political issues.  Slavery and persevered discrimination got theological sanction in the course of the previous testomony tale of Ham, yet what of his descendent Nimrod the hunter? African American spiritual lifestyles and the tale of Nimrod interrogates the character and which means of the biblical determine Nimrod's legacy for the youngsters of Africa, laying off mild on an exciting question:  for individuals of African descent is Nimrod well-known, or infamous? 

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Rather, Nimrod, based on the implications of the construction of the tower, is mindful of the consequences of his actions for community. His is not best described as a freedom from, but a freedom to—a freedom to develop meaning within the context of community. It is a freedom in responsibility as opposed to a freedom from responsibility. Nimrod’s actions suggest a sense of interdependence, of mutuality— but one that allows humans to build their world, however compromised and fragile those structures may be.

On the other hand, the story of the Magi and their role in the annunciation of the coming of the Christ demonstrate God’s use of, and not disdain for, such religions as important to the divine purpose and design. The third dimension of this contrast between the religion of ancient Israel and that of Nimrod is centered on their constitutive practices. The ethical basis of the religion of ancient Israel was preserved in the law. Observance of the law evolved into a set of defined legal practices.

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