An Anthology of Concrete Poetry

“Concrete Poetry isn't really one variety yet a cluster of chances, all falling within the Intermedium among semantic poetry, calligraphic and typographic poetry, and sound poetry.

It first crystalized out of those prior modes within the early Fifties within the works of such humans as Eugen Gomringer (CH), Carlo Belloli (IT), Dieter Rot (IS), Öyvind Fahlström (SW), the Noigandres crew (Haroldo and Augusto de Campos, Décio Pignatari and others, BR), Carlfriedrich Claus (GDR), Gerhard Rühm, Friedrich Achleitner and H.C. Artmann (AT), Daniel Spoerri and Claus Bremer (DE), and Emmett Williams (US, then dwelling in DE). in recent times a moment iteration of significant figures have additional to the move, together with such humans as Hansjörg Mayer (DE), Ladislav Novák and Jiří Kolář (CZ), Edwin Morgan and Ian Hamilton Finlay (SC), Bob Cobbing (EN), bp Nichol (CA), Mary Ellen Solt and Jonathan Williams (US), Pierre and Ilse Garnier (FR), Seiichi Niikuni and Kitasono Katue (JP) and plenty of others.

The actual fact of the looks of parallel paintings kind of independently in such a lot of international locations and languages shows one of many specified elements of the flow, specifically its resource being within the improvement of a brand new mentality within which values turn into fused and inter-relationships confirmed on a extra complicated undeniable than was once the case within the purer, past modes of poetry.”

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The “exquisite and haunting” (Booklist) choice of poems outfitted round the language and mystique of yank captivity narratives within which Sheck enters the bright lifestyles we are living inside of our personal minds and selves, and takes us into the mysterious underside of realization and selfhood.

From Publishers Weekly
The squat, long-lined poems of Sheck's 5th assortment meditate on American captivity narratives—stories well known within the overdue seventeenth century, resembling Mary Rowlandson's a story of the Captivity and recovery of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson, frequently approximately abduction through local Americans—as metaphors for the constraints of cognizance and the poetry that attempts to render it. those narratives are without delay addressed within the 17 "Removes," a time period taken from Rowlandson's ebook. in different places, Sheck (Black sequence) references different singularly American figures, together with Dickinson, Stevens, William James and Emerson. Sheck relishes the "slow conversion of myself into nothingness," an important (and frequently violent) step towards figuring out "this chain of emotions wherein we suggest (if it's that) a self. " those poems now and then appear to courtroom vagueness—words equivalent to "scatter," "broken," and "elsewhere" are between Sheck's such a lot detailed descriptive phrases. a few readers could locate that Sheck exhausts her issues and the time from which they originate; modernity seems to be every so often, and whilst it does—in the shape of "a display screen candescing," the human genome and one "marketing director"—the impact is jarring. all through, even if, Sheck's lengthy traces maintain a sublime uncertainty, and her fractured syntax calls either Dickinson and Gerard Manley Hopkins to brain: "The seconds slant and coarse with split-asunder. "

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Huge kudos to the translator, who has a few critical linguistic expertise. This not just interprets the tale adequately, however the English model is sensible.

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We weren’t as fearful of mass destruction then— unknown debris in space, or atoms contained and hurled against each other in a cyclotron. There were duckand-cover methods, shelters for meltdown, mountains to store waste as it decays, half-lives spent and the notorious two-headed monsters created. For entertainment the neighborhood kids hit one another with water balloons. Some blond boys 24 pair up and pelt an auburn girl— A radio crackles feverishly. Carpenter bees whine in the porch wood. She’ll grow a thick skin.

Space is shrink-wrapped in itself, closing. In the center, your confident Y—structure, not question. 30 lives of astrologers What flickers isn’t heavenly light, but the discredited pen moving across numbers with the stealth of a murderer. Whoever you are, I’m not here to answer your call. I’ve been sidetracked by meteor showers, knocked cold by the flu. I’ve taken to burying raccoons electrocuted along the gated high-security community. Stay away from what hums. Stay away from shiny temptations laid on the table by a dirty hand.

Oh, unrecognized genius, the modest beauty wasting from illness, the good-kid-turned-bad. Failing grade, summer heat. Oh, row of desks I loathed sitting at. In school, we hatched chickens from an incubator, eggs in rotation, the chicks deformed. One with thin chest skin and no ribs—the organs sludged and its cheep-cheep cries. The animals my mother made me return—the rabbit, the toad, the slug. Oh, child tossing a ball alone! The dandelions are systematically doused with chemicals—the chemicals you’ll sniff as a teenager, the brain the unrepining side-kick.

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